Our Antithetical Cyber Monday

Why were doing the Antithesis of Cyber Monday
We’re Antithesis Foods. Taking the ‘opposite’ approach is our starting point.
We’re shutting down our store on cyber Monday and offering a simple catalog to browse through for your ordering (dis)pleasure. Convenience in all areas comes with a cost, and we feel it acutely as consumers. Making it easier to purchase the most well reviewed products is magic…
But what about the magic of browsing and stumbling upon a hidden treasure that speaks just to you?
Look, we're a snack company and we’re trying to do marketing...but we think it’s important to slow down, discover more, think more. So slow down and order Grabanzos from our Catalog! We drew inspiration from our favorite slow ordering experience from the 90’s, the Scholastic Book Club Catalog! Order one, slowly order Grabanzos, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Get yours here!

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