Are you looking for a late-night snack that won’t compromise your keto diet? Like most health-conscious individuals, you don’t want to break your commitment to healthy eating. You know the saying, “you can have your cake and eat it too”? Well, that’s exactly what these late-night keto snacks will provide – the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

During the night, your body needs energy to replenish itself and keep you going for the day. Hard-boiled eggs are a delicious, low-carb snack that will provide you with the necessary protein and healthy fats needed to energize your body.


Olives are a great source of fiber and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, making them the perfect snack to keep you full and energized. Add a few olives to your lunch or snack for a nutrient-packed bite.

Avocado Slices

Fats? Check. Vitamines? Check. Protein? Check. Avocados are a triple threat when it comes to low-carb snacks and they taste delicious, too! Slice up an avocado and add a few slices to your snack or lunch for some healthy fats and vitamins.

Cheddar Cheese Cubes

Cheese may not be the healthiest food, but cheddar cheese cubes make a great low-carb snack with some protein and calcium thrown in. Try cubing up some cheese and adding it as part of your meal or at the end as a satisfying snack.

Almonds or Walnuts

Out of all nuts, almonds and walnuts contain the most protein and healthy fats, making them a great low-carb snack. Add a handful of these nuts to your meal or use as a topping on salads for some extra crunch and nutrition.

Celery or Carrot Sticks with Cream Cheese Dip

Celery and carrots are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals – perfect for keeping you energized throughout the day! Slice up your favorite vegetables and dip into a creamy cream cheese dip for a delicious, nutritious snack.

Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks are low in calories but pack quite the nutritional punch. These snacks are rich in iodine which is essential for proper thyroid function while also providing us with some much-needed vitamins and minerals.

String Cheese

String cheese is a classic snack that everyone can enjoy, low-carbers included. With a good amount of protein and calcium, it’s the perfect snack to stay energized throughout the day.

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is easy to make and incredibly delicious – not to mention packed with nutrients! Make up some chia pudding ahead of time for an easy grab-and-go breakfast or snack that will keep you going all day long.

Salami and Mozzarella Bites

Salami slices are high in protein but contain fat, so pair them with mozzarella bites for a balanced low-carb snack. This snack is perfect for when you need something a little more substantial than your usual low-carb snack.

Cucumber Slices with Cream Cheese Dip

Cucumbers are great sources of hydration and contain some healthy vitamins, too. Slice up some cucumber and dip into a creamy cream cheese dip for a scrumptious low-carb snack that will keep you full and energized at the same time!

Kale Chips

Kale chips have become increasingly popular in recent years – just one serving contains over 20 essential vitamins and minerals! They’re easy to make and are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Low-Carb Wraps with Turkey, Lettuce, and Cheese

These low-carb wraps are a great alternative to sandwiches for an easy grab-and-go lunch or snack. Fill some whole wheat wraps with turkey, lettuce, and cheese for a delicious combination of protein and healthy fats!


Finding the time to prepare healthy snacks while still maintaining a busy lifestyle can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. As the old adage goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” With some creativity and planning ahead, you can find ways to enjoy satisfying late-night snacks without breaking your diet.

By choosing the right kinds of foods, you can ensure that your body stays in ketosis no matter what time of day it is.