Snacks have been a part of culture and tradition in Japan for centuries. They are an integral part of socializing, gatherings, and celebrations. Recently, with the development of online shopping, accessing delicious Japanese snacks worldwide has become easier. This article will discuss 12 delectable Japanese snacks that can be easily purchased online.

What Are Popular Japanese Snacks?

Japanese snacks have long been a part of the culture, providing a tasty treat for locals and visitors alike. But what are some of the most popular Japanese snacks? This article explores several options that can easily be purchased online.

Pocky: A Popular Japanese Snack

Japanese snacks have become increasingly popular around the world. Pocky, a Japanese snack that comes in many different flavors and shapes, is one of the most beloved treats for children and adults.

Pocky was created by Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., which has been producing confectionery products since 1922. The company began manufacturing pocky sticks in 1966. It quickly became a hit with consumers due to its unique shape and flavor combinations – from classic chocolate to strawberry yogurt to cookies & cream. 

This delicious treat can be found online and in stores all over Japan.

Dried Squid: A Savory And Salty Snack

Dried squid is a savory and salty snack popular in Japan for centuries. Often referred to as ‘ika sakiage’, this snack is made by slicing the squid into thin strips, then drying it out using various methods such as air-drying or oven-drying. That results in a crunchy texture that pairs well with beer or sake.

The process of preparing dried squid can be quite labor-intensive due to the delicate nature of the seafood. Fishermen typically take great care to dry the squid slowly over low heat to keep the texture intact while preserving some of its juiciness. 

Once prepared, these snacks are often enjoyed during festivals or special occasions, where they become part of traditional Japanese cuisine. Nowadays, however, consumers can easily purchase dried squid online, ordering them conveniently at any time they see fit.

Senbei: Crunchy Rice Crackers

Senbei, which is a type of rice cracker, is a popular snack in Japan. It has been around for centuries and continues to be enjoyed by people today. The crunchy texture of the senbei comes from its ingredients: rice, salt, soy sauce, sugar, and mirin (sweet sake). 

These ingredients are mixed together and formed into various shapes, such as circles or rectangles, before deep-frying. Senbei can also come in different flavors, like sweet or savory, depending on their ingredients.

The popularity of senbei remains strong due to its versatility; it can serve as a quick snack while traveling or even as an accompaniment to tea during leisurely conversations among friends. In addition, its unique taste and crunchiness make it an ideal choice for Japanese snacks that one can easily purchase online. 

Kaki No Tane: A Crunchy And Spicy Snack

Kaki no tane is a popular Japanese snack that packs a punch in terms of both flavor and texture. It consists of roasted peanuts, rice crackers, and sesame seeds, all seasoned with chili pepper powder. The combination of crunchy textures and spicy seasoning makes kaki no tane an addictively delicious treat.

It can be easily purchased online for those seeking to try this Japanese classic without leaving the comfort of their home. Many shops stock a variety of flavors, ranging from mild to extra-hot. With its unique blend of savory ingredients and zesty seasonings, kaki no tane is sure to satisfy any food lover’s craving for something flavorful and satisfying.

Umaibo: Delicious And Addictive Corn Puffs

Umaibo is a popular Japanese snack that has become increasingly accessible to consumers in recent years. This corn puff-style snack comes in various flavors, ranging from savory and spicy to sweet and sour options. The texture of Umaibo is light yet crunchy, providing an addictive eating experience that keeps people coming back for more.

The popularity of this snack goes beyond its taste and texture; the packaging offers an appealing aesthetic as well. For example, each flavor features a unique cartoon character on the pouch, which adds a whimsical touch while adding to the product’s overall appeal. Additionally, Umaibo pouches are relatively small compared to other snacks, making them easy to carry around when traveling or during outdoor activities.

Overall, Umaibo provides a convenient and delightful snacking experience for those looking for something new and exciting. 

Hi-Chew: A Soft And Chewy Fruit Treat

Hi-chew is a soft and chewy Japanese fruit treat that appeals to the senses. Its texture is smooth and can be easily enjoyed on its own or as part of other treats. It comes in a wide range of flavors, including strawberry, orange, melon, grapefruit, lemon, peach, and banana. 

The product contains natural ingredients such as sugar, water, and starch syrup, making it suitable for people with dietary restrictions. This unique snack has become increasingly popular among adults and children alike due to its pleasant taste and attractive packaging.

From ice cream bars made with hi-chew mixtures to milkshakes topped off with pieces of fruity candy – this snack opens up many possibilities for creating interesting culinary dishes. 

Kasutera: A Japanese Sponge Cake

Kasutera, also known as Japanese sponge cake, is a treat that has become increasingly popular in Japan over the years. It is made from egg whites, sugar, and flour with some variations, including additional ingredients such as honey or almonds. 

The finished product has a light and airy texture similar to angel food cake but with a slight sweetness that makes it perfect for dessert or afternoon tea.

The traditional recipe calls for baking the kasutera at low temperatures to achieve its signature fluffy consistency. This type of cake can be found in many local supermarkets throughout Japan but is also available online for those who don’t have access to the stores. 

Koala’s March: Bite-Sized Cookies With Creamy Filling

Koala’s March is a popular Japanese snack that has been around since the 1980s. It features bite-sized cookies with a creamy filling, and its packaging often displays cute koalas in colorful clothing. Koala’s March can be found in many convenience stores, supermarkets across Japan, and online shops like Amazon.

The cookie itself is made from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil/shortening, milk powder, cocoa mass, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), yeast food (ammonium bicarbonate), and flavoring (vanilla). 

The creamy center contains palm oil shortening and lactose syrup. In addition to being delicious and having an interesting texture combination of softness and crunchiness at the same time, it makes for a great gift due to its attractive appearance on store shelves.

Melon Pan: A Sweet And Savory Bread

Melon pan is a type of sweet and savory Japanese bread. The dough has a crunchy texture from the cornstarch, which encases a soft and sweet interior resembling a melon’s rind. It is often characterized by its criss-cross pattern, made with cookie or butter on top of the dough before baking it in an oven.

These traditional snacks are typically enjoyed with tea or coffee as part of an afternoon snack or dessert. Melon pans have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique flavor combination, making them attractive to local and overseas consumers looking for new taste experiences.

Taiyaki: A Sweet Fish-Shaped Cake

Taiyaki is a sweet fish-shaped cake that has become popular as an online snack in Japan. It usually consists of two layers of pancake-style dough, filled with red bean paste or custard cream and deep fried until golden brown. 

The unique shape of the taiyaki makes it visually appealing to those looking for something different than the traditional snacks available on the market.

The sweetness of the filling combined with the crispness of the exterior makes taiyaki both flavorful and satisfying. Additionally, its portability makes it convenient to take anywhere without worrying about making a mess or dealing with extra utensils or containers. 

Its popularity continues to rise as more people discover this classic Japanese treat. With its unique flavor profile and attractive presentation, taiyaki will remain a favorite among consumers searching for delicious snacks they can easily buy online.

Mochi: A Sweet And Chewy Rice Cake

Mochi is a popular Japanese treat made from sweet rice. It is known for its chewy texture, which makes it an ideal snack choice. 

The dough-like consistency of mochi gives it a unique flavor that can be enjoyed with various ingredients like red bean paste and other fruits or nuts. Additionally, mochi is often used to accompany savory dishes such as oden and miso soup.

This traditional dessert has become increasingly available in recent years due to the ease of finding ready-made mochi online. However, whether one prefers their mochi filled with sweet flavors or enjoys them plainly, this classic Japanese treat remains a favorite among many worldwide.

Furthermore, purchasing pre-packaged mochi eliminates any need to make them yourself – allowing even first-time users to experience this delectable delicacy without hassle!

Wasabi Peanuts: A Spicy And Crunchy Treat

Wasabi peanuts have become a popular snack worldwide, known for their spicy and crunchy flavor. This combination of heat from wasabi and saltiness from the peanut creates an irresistible taste that people can’t get enough of. In addition, Wasabi peanuts are usually sold in convenient packages making them perfect for on-the-go snacking or as part of a larger meal.

These delicious snacks offer more than just a unique flavor – they also provide health benefits like protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. 

Eating these nuts regularly may help reduce inflammation and blood cholesterol levels while providing lasting energy throughout the day. Furthermore, they contain antioxidants which can aid in protecting cells from damage caused by environmental pollutants.

Where To Buy Japanese Snacks Online

Regarding delicious snacks from Japan, there’s no shortage of options. The most popular choices include Japanese Kit Kat and other unique flavors. While you may be able to find these treats in your local stores or at specialty shops, another convenient way is to buy them online.

Many websites offer a range of Japanese snacks and candy that can be delivered directly to your door. You can also access exclusive products that may not otherwise be available in your area—all without leaving the comfort of your home! 

Whether looking for traditional favorites like Pocky sticks or unusual creations such as Pepsi-flavored potato chips, you’ll have plenty of exciting options when searching online. Plus, many sites provide helpful reviews so customers can make informed purchase decisions.


Japanese snacks are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. These snacks, which range from savory and salty to sweet and chewy, offer a unique experience for anyone who enjoys international cuisine. 

From Pocky and Dried Squid to Kaki No Tane and Mochi, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With so many delicious choices, it can be difficult to choose just one favorite.