The snack game in the Philippines has been booming these days with new and interesting creations popping up all around. Whether you’re a foodie crafty cook looking to broaden your palate, or just looking to try something new and exciting, there’s guaranteed to be a must-have Philippine snack that you’ll love. 

From sweet and savory treats like puto and biko to crunchy and crispy favorites like chicharon and bibingka galapong, there’s something for everyone. Here are the 15 must-try Filipino snacks you must try this year.

1. Suman

The snack game in the Philippines is getting very popular. There are lots of new and exciting snacks to try. Suman is one of them. It is a sweet and sticky treat made with rice, sugar, and coconut milk.

Some similar western snacks are brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops. For those who are fans of the sweet stuff, Suman is the perfect snack to try.

2. Taho

Taho is a popular Filipino snack made of silken tofu and syrup. It’s usually served warm with fresh toppings like tapioca pearls, arnibal (sugar syrup), or sago (tapioca balls). It’s a popular quick and easy snack.

In the Philippines, you can find Taho on basically any corner, usually sold by a vendor in the morning. It’s definitely a must-try Filipino snack for 2023!

3. Puto

In the third spot, we have Puto, a classic Filipino snack made with steamed rice flour. It’s usually served with grated coconut and cheese on top.

Puto can be served sweet or savory, depending on how it’s prepared. If you’re not a fan of sweet snacks, you can always opt for the savory version.

4. Bibingka Galapong

Bibingka Galapong is a popular Filipino snack made with galapong (rice cake flour). The rice cake is steamed and then served with grated coconut and butter.

This snack is usually found in the Philippines during Christmas time, but you can find it year-round in some specialty stores. If you’re looking for something sweet and delicious to try this year, Bibingka Galapong is a must!

5. Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok is a noodle dish where the noodles are topped with shrimp, pork rinds, and eggs. It’s usually served with calamansi (Philippine lime) and fish sauce on the side.

This savory snack is perfect for those looking for something to munch on while exploring the Philippines. While you can try making it at home, nothing beats getting it from a street vendor or local restaurant in the Philippines.

6. Turon

Turon is a popular Filipino snack made with sweet saba bananas and jackfruit wrapped in lumpia wrapper and then deep-fried until golden brown. It’s usually served with sugar and/or ice cream on top.

The snack is usually found in the Philippines during summertime, but you can find it year-round in some specialty stores. If you’re looking for something truly delicious to try, Turon is a definite must!

7. Chicharon

Chicharon are deep-fried pork rinds that are crunchy, salty, and addictive. They can be served as a snack or side dish, but they’re usually eaten by themselves.

Chicharon is loved all over the Philippines and it can be found in many street food stalls. If you want to try something crunchy and salty while you’re in the Philippines, Chicharon is a must-try!

8. Mango Float

Mango Float is one of the most popular Filipino desserts and for a good reason. The dessert is made with layers of sweet mangoes, creamy custard, crushed graham crackers, and whipped cream.

In the Philippines, you can find this dessert in many bakeries and restaurants. It’s a perfect way to end a meal or just enjoy it as a snack. And unlike some other Filipino desserts, it’s not too sweet.

9. Banana Que

Banana Que is a popular street food snack in the Philippines made with grilled saba bananas and sugar glaze on top. The bananas are usually served skewered on bamboo sticks and they’re great for snacking on-the-go.

Banana Que is also a popular snack for kids, as it’s sweet and easy to eat. In the west, there aren’t many street food snacks like Banana Que, so if you’re feeling like you’re ready a taste adventure, give Banana Que a go.

10. Taho

To round up the top 10 Filipino snacks, we have Taho. This popular Filipino snack is made with silken tofu and syrup, usually served warm with toppings like tapioca pearls, arnibal (sugar syrup), or sago (tapioca balls).

Taho is the perfect snack for those who want something light and refreshing. It’s easy to find in the Philippines, usually sold by vendors in the morning.

11. Halo-halo

Halo-halo is one of the most popular Filipino desserts made with shaved ice and evaporated milk. Different toppings like sweet beans, gelatin, fruits, and flan can be added to the mix.

During the summer, temperatures in the Philippines are known to reach well over 30°C, and halo-halo is the perfect way to cool off. From restaurants to street vendors, you can find this sweet treat almost everywhere in the Philippines.

12. Balut

We’re now reaching the more, let’s say exotic side of Filipino snacks. Balut is a boiled duck egg that’s usually served with a pinch of salt and/or chili powder.

Balut is a popular snack in many parts of Southeast Asia, but it’s particularly popular in the Philippines. You eat it by cracking the egg open and drinking the liquid inside.

13. Manggang Hilaw

Mango is the national fruit of the Phillippines and the 3rd-most important crop of the country. Managing Hilaw is a popular Filipino snack made with unripe mangoes that are dipped in salt or sugar.

This snack is often eaten as an afternoon or evening snack and it’s served in many street food stalls all over the country. It can also be found in some restaurants and supermarkets, too.

14. Lumpiang Togue

Lumpiang Togue is a popular snack made with mung bean sprouts and other vegetables, which are then wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep fried. It is served with a sweet and sour sauce or vinegar.

But these are just the common ingredients. Different vendors in different parts of the country make their own versions. Variations can be made by adding veggies like eggplant and squash.

15. Ensaymada

Originally, French, Ensaymada has become of the top Filipino snacks over the years. The baked snack feels like something between bread and a cake, and it’s usually served with butter, cheese, or sometimes even salted egg.

Most Ensaymadas are made with butter, flour, eggs, and sugar. But some versions also include raisins, queso de bola (Filipino cheese), or sweet ham for extra flavor.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there are plenty of delicious Filipino snacks that everyone should try before 2023 rolls around. From Puto to Chicharon, these snacks will definitely make your trip to the Philippines even more memorable. So, make sure to add them to the top of your list for a delicious snack experience!